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The New Time Portal My Time, Opens For Business


2008-05-23 -- Gavelin & Co. is one of the collaborative partners when the new time portal My Time starts today.

What is My Time?
My Time helps facilitate your everyday life so that you get more time over to do what is important to you! We presently work in Greater Stockholm area to help those that want more free time. My Time offers a completely new service that collects your everyday requirements into one place; from cleaning and home delivery of groceries to social commitments and debates. As a member you have access to a range of products and services to help you free up your time. You get access to editorial material on current subjects as well as enjoyable offers to spice up your daily life. 

Gavelin & Co has, among other things, developed a new time calculator which indicates the value of your free time and can be reached on the home page of the portal. In addition Gavelin & Co offers lectures, consultations and coaching to My Time's customers. Urban Gavelin is one of the permanent colleagues and is regularly blogging about time on My Time.

 (You must register as a member in order to take part in the offers and the editorial content)

For more information please contact:

Gavelin & Co.
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