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helping busy people

"On a practical level we have found that the most important thing is to learn how to manage the bottlenecks of life. A bottleneck is a limited resource. How you manage your time, your money, your ideas and your relationships will determine how far you will go."

Would you like to increase your profitability by:



  • working more efficiently?

  • increasing your turn over?

  • motivating your employees?

  • better organizing the work?

  • changing business model?

  • developing your business processes?

What bottlenecks limit your business right now?


Gavelin & Co. was founded in 1998 to share the tools we have developed and the experiences we have gathered during twenty five years in business. We focus on personal productivity, leadership effectiveness, project- and business development primarily in sales- marketing and executive management.

Our mission

Our mission is to stimulate and inspire organizations and individuals to profit from a better life.



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