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Customers and clients comment about Gavelin & Co.

Per-Åke Angleflod, Kodak Nordic AB, Stockholm:
Urban added a new dimension to our way of doing business and relating to each other in the group. He contributed with a high profile management support to the team. He is the best Business man we have ever had to run the business in Nordic."


Frank Young-Halvorsen, sales manager, Bayer A/S, Oslo:
"It is not only the sales force
that has done a fantastic job to beat the budget and grab a big chunk of the digital market. If it had not been for Urban Gavelin and his every day efforts to make things to happen, they would not even be close! He provided support, a fighter instinct coupled with patience and his great sense of humour"

Andreas Andersson, chief-editor, Amarant AB, Örebro:
"I have just read Urban Gavelin's article and think it is extremely good, to-the-point, innovative and very well written. The theory the article is based on is both clarifying and applicable in daily leadership life. It is with pride we will publicize the article in The Essence."

Vruer Safaryan, hotel owner in Moscow:
"The whole seminar was great and we got to learn many practical and useful things. One of them was the 80/20-rule, which came as a huge revelation for me and helped me understand how I should prioritize my work efforts. Another thing was the question of how I use my time..."
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Lasse and Eva Näsström, Näsström Maskiner AB, Uppsala:
"Urban Gavelin's seminar was great! He was so well prepared and the delivery was close to perfect. Also he displayed the all important passion and concern for the people involved."

Recommendations for Urban from former colleagues and direct reports from Linked In:
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