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Tidigare kollegor och arbetskamrater uttalar sig om Urban Gavelin på Linked In.

Recommendations for Urban from former colleagues and direct reports from Linked In:


Nordic Country Sales Director, Kodak Nordic AB

 “Urban is the most fascinating colleague and manager you can possible have. His dedication to details and his overall view of all aspects gives you the feeling that nothing is ever left behind. Urban´s leadership gives any person working close to him the feeling of being important in big and in small. His leadership skills are superb and he coaches his team to success at all times. I would love to work with Urban again in the future and would recommend him for any challenge and any position around the globe.” June 1, 2008

Niklas Eklöf, Account Manager, Kodak Nordic AB worked directly with Urban at Kodak Nordic AB

“Urban is a great manager to have in sales. He has clear understanding for business, is dedicated, structured, intelligent and one of the best people I have worked with in regards to coaching and motivation the sales team. He always gives 110% and has a great momentum and drive forward. Urban is a highly recommended team player and leader. A great inspiration and coach!” August 29, 2007

Per Wilhelm Klevenberg, Nordic Key Account Manager, Kodak Norway
reported to Urban at Kodak Nordic AB

“Urban is highly skilled in both utilizing and growing his team and its members. Focusing on the main objectives, he´s often watching the game from the sideline, but is always present to step in and question or support as needed. His professional conduct, strong sense of business and a profoundly balanced personality, has made him a mentor that has led his team through confidence. Without doubt, these qualities have achieved an impressive growth in a transforming company facing a very dynamic business All in all, Urban is an outstanding resource in a senior managerial position and it would be my pleasure to cross his path again”
August 24, 2007

Daniel Flodqvist, Nordic Key Account Manager, Kodak Nordic
reported to Urban at Kodak Nordic AB

Nordic Business Manager, Kodak Nordic AB

“Urban is one of the most positive, focused, energetic and driven people you will ever meet. He is one of the most incredible people I have ever worked for. He tackled every challenge with the same positive attitude, and is inspiring and motivating to every single person he comes into contact with. He has an amazing ability to motivate and lead a team. I recommend Urban to any organization that is seeking a dynamic leader with whom they expect impactful results!” September 6, 2007

Stephane Chivet, Nordic Business Operations Manager, Kodak Nordic AB
reported to Urban at Kodak Nordic AB


Marketing Director and Business Dev't Mgr, Eastman Kodak, Europe Africa & Middle East

“I had the pleasure of working with Urban both as a colleague as well as him being my supervisor for a few months and it was a great experience, both times. Urban's energy, professionalism and reliability are evident in his everyday attitude which in many cases is role model. It has always amazed me how much work he gets done in so little time, with so much responsibility and pressure, with such an easy-going and positive attitude at all times. He is an expert at prioritizing and analyzing, and always manages to obtain a positive learning from every situation. He is used to working with a very diverse team of people and has always shown respect and concern for others, even in many challenging situations where negotiation and persuasion are key. He is an amazing person to learn from and also a lot of fun to work with!” June 8, 2008

Cristina Santos, Professional Film Product Manager, EAMER (Europe, Africa and Middle East), Eastman Kodak reported to Urban at Eastman Kodak, Europe Africa & Middle East

“Urban is a great businessman and I worked with him when he was driving a key project implementing a new business model for one of the Kodak organizations. He has a great understanding of business and especially how all the parts integrate to deliver what the customer wants. That breadth of understanding, coupled with a passion for learning, makes him very effective and inspirational leader. I would recommend Urban to any company wanting to implement changes in their organization. He would be a valuable resource to make sure that success is achieved.” August 23, 2007

Mark Fritz, European Customer Service Manager, Kodak
worked with Urban at Eastman Kodak, Europe Africa & Middle East


“Urban is a fantastic boss he manages his people with talent. He gives clear objectives, assigns proper resource, provides proper training if required and then let the people work with a soft but very efficient control. He is always available to help when necessary, he is always helping people to find the proper solution and never dictates what to do. Urban is very future and result oriented. He has always the good balance between achieving tough results and making his colleagues excited.” August 21, 2007

Jean Paquet, Web content Manager, Web marketing activities Europe, Kodak
reported to Urban at Eastman Kodak, Europe Africa & Middle East

“Urban combines a number of remarkable qualities. He is not only a great strategist and a great manager, he can also run the whole plan from a to z. His broad background gives him a huge amount of experience in a variety of projects, situations and solutions. He is great with most business ingredients: People, money, time, quality and specification, is a creative, pragmatic and solution directed individual. I can recommend Urban whole heartedly.” August 19, 2007

Boy Brantjes, European PR Manager C&PI, Eastman Kodak Company
worked directly with Urban at Eastman Kodak, Europe Africa & Middle East


“Urban is a true professional who has a unique understanding of both business and technology issues. That, coupled with great sales and marketing skills, is a winning combination. I found Urban highly professional, and easy to work with while at Kodak. I consider his work and commitment first-rate and would gladly recommend him without hesitation!” December 17, 2005

Tobias Andersson
worked with Urban at Eastman Kodak, Europe Africa & Middle East

WW product line manager, Eastman Kodak, Rochester NY

“Urban is an enthusiastic, shining light who can both lead and manage an organization. He brings his varied interests to his job which brings a unique perspective. Urban provides clear leadership and allows employees to grow. He understands industry trends and where to take businesses strategically. Urban also has a well developed network of associates that he cultivates through business and personal interests and are drawn to his style and personality. You'll love working with Urban!” August 21, 2007

Mark Cook, WW Product Manager, Kodak reported to Urban at Eastman Kodak, Rochester NY

“I worked with Urban during my time as worldwide director of marketing for Photo CD, Kodak's first consumer digital product. Urban is a smart, conscientious professional, with global experience. He is a pleasure to work with.” August 20, 2007

Paul McAfee, Director, Marketing Process Development, Eastman Kodak Company
worked directly with Urban at Eastman Kodak, Rochester NY

“With a soft spoken natural authority, a "can-do" attitude, and a deep understanding of business, technology and human relations, Urban is a great leader providing inspiration, direction and controls. He was highly respected for his professionalism, integrity, energy and great sense of humor. It was a pleasure working for Urban and I am happy to recommend him!” May 16, 2007

Ola Wiig-Hanssen, Nordic Marketing Manager, Kodak Norway
reported to Urban at Eastman Kodak, Rochester NY



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