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Gavelin & Co. launches out full time
after twenty eight years with Eastman Kodak.


Uppsala, Sweden 2007-09-03 -- Today Urban Gavelin launches Gavelin & Co. into full time service after a twenty eight year career at Eastman Kodak which literally took him around the world and into many different businesses. In one way or another, Urban Gavelin was involved in historical technological transformations of three industries; first the graphics business with the advent of the Macintosh in the 80's, the professional photography business move to digital technology in the 90's and the finally the consumer transition to digital imaging during this decade.

Summarising his years at Kodak Gavelin says: “In the end, what is left are your experiences and everything you learned, together with all the relationships and friendships that you struck along the way.”

Founded in 1998 Gavelin & Co. capture and share the tools they have developed and the experiences gathered during these years in business. They focus on personal productivity, leadership effectiveness, project- and business development primarily in sales- marketing and executive management.

Gavelin & Co. helps their customers to increased profitability by helping them identify and remove bottlenecks in their business. They prepare and execute customized programs together with the client to fit their specific requirements.

Gavelin & Co. delivers practical tools and creative advice in a number of ways: at seminars, as public speaker, as consultant, coach and mentor.

About Urban Gavelin
Urban Gavelin has twenty five years of business experience, of which eighteen in international business. He has held positions as sales, marketing and business development in Nordic, in the European market and world wide. Urban has lived and worked in Stockholm, London and New York.

Urban has built and managed Nordic sales organisations and shown great results in sales and marketing activities and is experienced with both consumer electronics businesses as well as "business-to-business" He has worked with change management and among other things developed and implemented new business models for the complete European market. In addition he is experienced and successful in media and Public Relations work.

During his time in the USA Urban was product line manager with responsibility for a global sales budget, product development programs and world wide launches. He has exceeded sales budgets of USD 45M and led strategic, long-term global technology and product development programs.

Urban takes initiative, is innovative and creative. He is a good team player, leader and communicator. He has a basic business orientation, thinks strategically and gets things done. He has studied Executive Management at Lausanne Business School and the Institute of Executive Management at the Stockholm School of Economics.

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